Vanishing History
By Pauline Dubkin Yearwood - The Chicago Jewish News

Chicago has been home to hundreds of synagogues over the years. But for many, their role in the story of Jewish Chicago is in danger of being lost. Robert Packer is trying to do something about that.
Chicago's Forgotten Synagogues

Arriving in bookstores November 2007

Doors of Redemption
The Forgotten Synagogues of Chicago and other Communal Buildings

Photographed and Editied by Robb Packer

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The Doors of Redemption
By Wendy Margolin
Staff Writer - Chicago Jewish Online

As a building inspector, Robb Packer drove by Chicago’s defunct synagogues hundreds of times without ever knowing they existed. In fact, most people, even those who currently occupy these magnificent structures which have been converted into churches, communal centers, and condominiums do not know that Jewish worship once echoed throughout the buildings. In some former synagogues, the only remnant of Judaism is the Hebrew letters fading in the old stones or the Hebrew date etched into the cornerstones.
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